Originating Loans 24/7

Our Flagship products QUEBUENO and PAGAMASTARDE offer credit.
How, When and Where people want it.

LIVE Real data showing applications on our platform.
Here and Now

Digital Origin is a financial services startup founded in London in 2011.

Technology is only now disrupting financial services, even though most markets (like retail, betting and music) were re invented by Amazon, Betfair and Napster well over a decade ago.

Digital Origin is changing the credit sector by originating loans WHEN, WHERE and HOW customers want them.

We have invested extensively in a loan origination technology platform that enables REAL-TIME, DYNAMIC, INSTANT, PAPERLESS credit transactions.

Our diverse and international team (France, Sweden, Spain, Holland, Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia…) has broad experience from the Internet, Finance, Payments and Technology sector.

Digital Origin is Venture Capital funded in 2014 - €15 million A round led by Prime Ventures, a leading European growth equity firm.

Scalability Real Data No Words
Where the large volume is
Where the most promising technology is
Where we can make instant decisions
Digital Origin
E-commerce: Pagamastarde grows sales by offering tailored
installment payments at checkout.
NFC-enabled mobile payments.
Decisions solely based on user declaration and online data;
no papers required.
Changing the way consumers get financing.
Percentage of applications per hour
(last 24 hours)
Percentage of applications per day
(last 7 days)
We build scalable, fully automated products that work 24/7.

25% of our customers change their payment terms, without any cost.

Our products match our values: They are simple, they make sense and they are transparent.
More Traffic Grows Data Better Decision Greater Success Bigger Data is Better
a 15 minute Coffee Break is enough to complete the loan application and get funded
Cash on demand


When short-term lending improves the relationship between users and financing:

- We need 15 minutes at most from the loans application to complete funding. 24/7
- We never ask for papers or justifications in order to identify and score the applicant. Nothing to mail. Ever.
- Our decision platform is 100% automatic. NO human intervention. This is our definition of business SCALABILITY.
- Our terms are simple: choose how much and for how many days you want to borrow. Pay a daily interest fee.  

Take your time to decide We give you time to pay
Credit should be as simple as buying something


We are where the customers need us, at the check out page. The best place to originate.
PAGAMASTARDE is right here, ready to convert, 24/7.
Decision is made instantly.
No papers to send, fully automatic process.
No human intervention at any point of the process.
There is no friction for the customer, boosts sales for the e-merchant and full SCALABILITY for us.    

We are an e-commerce doing banking Not a bank doing e-commerce


Payment is not just technology. It’s a social contract. It’s a transaction where all the parties involved should get an advantage.
Pagantis provides a platform that allows both merchants and users to benefit from payment.
We empower the user by allowing him to pay for his purchases later with instant decision and authorization.
We empower the merchant by allowing him to offer a friction-free checkout solution through seamless integration.
Pagantis Is regulated by Bank Of Spain as a “payment institution” under the licence No. 6857.
Pagantis is also certified as PCI compliant level 1 version 3.  

supports specific regulation
for the digital finance sector.
operates Pagantis, a payment institution
supervised and regulated by
Bank of Spain

22 Sep 2016

Digital Origin y la regulación del sector fintech

Marta Plana, General Counsel de Digital Origin, y Enrique Fernández Albarración, FSO Legal & Regulatory Partner de EY, presentan en el programa Fintech Lab de Capital Radio el Libro Blanco de la Regulación Fintech.

Podéis escuchar la entrevista aquí: (min. 06.40)

11 Sep 2016

Las fintech españolas, a la espera de una regulación apropiada

Marta Plana, General Counsel, escribe en Funds Society, sobre las claves de la regulación fintech:
07 Aug 2016

Digital Origin impulsa la regulación del sector

Marta Plana, General Counsel de Digital Origin y Vicepresidenta de la Asociación Española de Fintech e Insurtech (AEFI), explica en Intereconomía Radio qué son las Fintech y cómo está el mercado en España, donde está transformando el sector financiero.

Para escuchar la entrevista link en este audio

09 Jul 2016

Podcast: Entrevista a Marta Plana en La Banca Innova

Marta Plana, General Counsel de Digital Origin, ha sido entrevistada por Eduardo Munilla en el programa La Banca Innova. 
Podéis escuchar la entrevista aquí
30 May 2016

‘Fintech’: ‘robar’ negocio a la banca

22 Dec 2015


22 Oct 2015

Fintech, la revolución que hace temblar a los bancos

21 Oct 2015

Fintech: extraños en un banco

20 Oct 2015

Un hub de start-ups: de Cataluña al mundo

15 Oct 2015

El talento catalán lanza start-ups en otros países

15 Oct 2015

Por qué a los inversores les gustan las start-up Fintech

05 Oct 2015

Las fintech amenazan la cuenta de resultados de la banca tradicional

15 Sep 2015

“Lo importante es el equipo, no estar en Silicon Valley”

Interview Marta Plana in Expansión: “Lo importante es el equipo, no estar en Silicon Valley”

07 Sep 2015

Digital Origin: la conversión de los micropréstamos al mundo digital

17 Jun 2015

Digital Origin: La Champions no es un sueño

26 May 2015

Foro Fintech: La banca liga el futuro al desarrollo digital

10 Apr 2015

Interview Marta Plana in La2

11 Feb 2015

Los ocho imprescindibles para calcular el valor de tu 'start up'.

08 Feb 2015

Marta Plana - Correo postal contra e-mail.

20 Jan 2015

Prime Ventures invierte 15M€ en Digital Origin

27 Nov 2014

Entrevista a Pascal Pegaz-Paquet, presidente ejecutivo y cofundador de Digital Origin.

30 Oct 2014

El sector financiero debate la regulación ante el cambio digital.

13 Oct 2014

Qué puede aprender Barcelona del Silicon Valley.

29 Jul 2014

newbanq compra a Telecoming la entidad de pago 'online' Pagantis.

22 Jul 2014

Seducidos por España.

02 Jul 2014

newbanq despierta el interés inversor de Boyser.

23 Jun 2014

La familia Serra, fundadora de Fluidra, invierte en newbanq.

10 Jun 2014

¿El banco no te da crédito? Esto es lo que te cobrará un prestamista privado.

29 May 2014

Los suecos optan por el negocio digital en España.

20 May 2014

Créditos para cubrir todo tipo de necesidades.

20 May 2014

Diez sectores listos para emprender

13 May 2014

30 Fórmulas para el crecimiento y el empleo. Diez sectores listos para emprender.

28 Apr 2014

Innovadores: Silicon de ida y vuelta. Tres catalanes explican las lecciones que aprendieron en la meca de las compañias tecnológicas.

15 Apr 2014

newbanq coloca 1,5 millones en deuda para potenciar su cartera de créditos

26 Feb 2014

Reportaje newbanq / Qué

19 Feb 2014

El crédito fácil de newbanq

17 Feb 2014, alternativa fiable a la financiación tradicional

28 Jan 2014

Por qué a los suecos les gusta España para hacer negocios

17 Jul 2013

Entrevista Rolf Cederström, cofundador de

22 Jan 2013

Los particulares financian la economía

05 Oct 2016

Digital Origin at The South Summit 2016

Past Event
Digital Origin will participate at The South Summit, a leading event in innovation and entrepreneurship, bringing together professionals from Southern Europe and Latin America, and held in Madrid. Marta Plana, General Counsel, will participate in the roundtable “New Disruptive Innovations in Finance”, October 5, 18.20-18.50, open to all attendees on the legal aspects relevant to fintech startups.

More information:
05 Sep 2016

Digital Origin at The Meeting of Digital Economy

Past Event
Digital Origin participated in the 30th Meeting of Telecommunications and Digital Economy, the annual Spanish meeting for the telecoms and digital economies. Marta Plana, General Counsel, was invited to the roundtable “New players in the financial sector”.  
21 Apr 2016

Digital Origin at The Eurofi High Level Seminar 2016

Past Event
Marta Plana, General Counsel, participated in the discussions that took place during the Eurofi High Level Seminar 2016 in Amsterdam. This financial international event gathered over 800 participants from the European and international public authorities and the financial industry. 
07 Apr 2016

III Foro Fintech

Past Event
Desde Digital Origin estamos organizando para el próximo 7 de abril el III Foro Fintech, un acto con público asistente donde se abordará la regulación del sector, una condición necesaria para el impulso de las fintech en España.
El Foro tendrá lugar en Madrid de 9.00 a 11.30 h, en el Salón de Actos de la SETSI, Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (C/ Capitán Haya, 41). La apertura del acto la realizará el Secretario de Estado de Telecomunicaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información, D. Víctor Calvo-Sotelo Ibáñez-Martín. 
16 Mar 2016

Presentation AEFI Association

Past Event
El día 16 se presentará en Barcelona la Asociación Española de Fintech e Insurtech (AEFI). Al acto de presentación asistirán tres Vicepresidentes de la Asociación: Rodrigo García de la Cruz, Director of Innovation & Financial Technology at IEB | FinTech Expert, Duarte Libano Monteiro, Country Manager for Spain & Portugal at Ebury, y Marta Plana, Cofounder & General Counsel Digital Origin. Su objetivo es crear un entorno favorable para el desarrollo de Startups y empresas Fintech e Insurtech en España, realizando labores de interlocución, comunicación y colaboración con los organismos y agentes relevantes del sistema para fortalecer su crecimiento y su ecosistema.
16 Mar 2016

Digital Origin at eFintech Show

Past Event
10.45-11.30: "Más allá de lo hype"
Digital Origin, pionera en el sector del crédito alternativo, ofrece su visión sobre el Fintech: entre la realidad y el concepto de moda.
  • 14.00-14.30: "With or Without you, Banks"
¿Qué estrategia deben seguir las entidades financieras con las startups Fintech? ¿Y las startups Fintech con los bancos? ¿Deben colaborar o competir? ¿Hay que comprar fintechs y apostar po una estrategia de integración en las organizaciones? ¿O es mejor una crear un LAB o una aceleradora externa? En la mesa redonda, "With or Without You, Banks", Digital Origin debatirá con los principales actores del sector financiero actual. 
10 Mar 2016

Digital Origin at The Future of Banking

Past Event
Marta Plana, General Counsel, attended the event "The Future of Banking", held in Paris, and organised by The Economist. 
21 Feb 2016

Digital Origin at 4YFN Barcelona

Past Event
Marta Plana, General Counsel, will be participating in the 4YFN [4 Years From Now], in the roundtable about Fintech.
11 Dec 2015

Digital Origin at the International Congress of Digital Law

Past Event
Digital Origin's General Counsel, Marta Plana, attended International Congress of Digital Law 2015, "Digital Law, the Future is now", organised by ENATIC (Association of Spanish IT Lawyers). The Congress was held in the House of Secretary of State of Telecommunications, in Madrid. 
10 Dec 2015

Digital Origin at Banking Sector Meeting in IESE Madrid

Past Event
Digital Origin was invited to participate in a meeting to discuss future of banking with Spanish traditional banking, like BBVA, CaixaBank, Bankinter, Bankia, Banco Popular, Banc Sabadell, and Santander.

23 Nov 2015

Digital Origin in the BigData Week

Past Event
Marta Plana, General Counsel, will be participating in the BigData Week in Madrid (Google Campus) and Barcelona (Mobile World Centre) in the roundtable “Big Data. A disruptive View”.
19 Nov 2015

Digital Origin en el 7º Congreso Nacional de Crédito

Past Event
En el 7º Congreso Nacional de Crédito, que se celebrará en Madrid el 18 y 19 de noviembre, Digital Origin participará en la conferencia "Micropréstamos, crédito rápido a corto plazo". 

16 Nov 2015

Digital Origin in IN3 Barcelona Conference

Past Event
In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the US Consulate General in Barcelona and the Chamberi Valley Association have invited Digital Origin to discuss common challenges and solutions for innovation.

23 Oct 2015

Digital Origin in the Legal Hackaton

Past Event
Legal tech community had a meeting last 23-24 October, in the Legal Hackaton Barcelona. Marta Plana introduced Digital Origin to the Legal tech audience.

22 Oct 2015

Digital Origin in the Annual Global Meeting Interlaw 2015

Past Event
The International Association of Independent Law Firms held its Annual Meeting in Barcelona. Digital Origin was invited to introduce business model to the audience.
21 Oct 2015

Digital Origin organized a solidarity concert in Barcelona

Past Event
Digital Origin organized  a concert in Luz de Gas to fundraise for two associations: Bits Sin Fronteras and Mencía Foundation. Almost 400 hundred people attended the event,with performance by IDL Imperio de la Ley.
29 Sep 2015

Digital Origin in the BCNStartUPWeek

Past Event
Digital Origin was invited to participate in the 1st BCNStartUPWeek, organized by Barcelona City Council in Barcelona Activa.
18 Sep 2015

Digital Origin in the Fintech roundtable organized by adigital

Past Event

Rolf Cederstrom, Digital Origin CEO, was invited to the fintech roundtable organized by adigital to debate around financial services of the future.
30 Aug 2015

Digital Origin in the Meeting of Digital Economy

Past Event
From the 30th August to the 3rd September, Digital Origin participated in the  29th Meeting of Telecommunications and Digital Economy, the annual Spanish meeting for the telecoms and digital economies. We had the opportunity to meet presidents and CEOs of Telcoms, such as Vodafone, Telefonica and Orange, Ministers, Secretary of State of Telecoms, telcoms press, OTTs (Google) and EU representatives.

25 Jun 2015

Impulsa Forum 2015

Past Event
Marta Plana, Digital Origin General Counsel, will participate in the IMPULSA Forum 2015, held in Girona on 26 June and organised by Princess of Girona Foundation.

Under the title "10 keywords for a succesful startup", Marta Plana will have the opportunity to talk to and share her experiences and ideas with a group of 10 young entrepreneurs.
15 Jun 2015

Digital Origin awarded one of the best start-ups in Spain

Past Event
Digital Origin awarded one of the best start-ups in Spain

Monthly business magazine Actualidad Económica has awarded Digital Origin one of the best start-ups in Spain. The award, sponsored by Caixabank, rewards the work performed by 19 companies launched by entrepreneurs, especially considering private financing record undertaken in recent months.

In order to choose the winning companies, Actualidad Económica has worked closely with Venture Watch, a consulting start-up specialised in investment rounds that has compiled a complete list of companies receiving private investment rounds.

Digital Origin received 15M€ from VC leading equity firm Prime Ventures.
27 May 2015

XXXI Meeting Círculo de Economía

Past Event
 Marta Plana, Digital Origin General Counsel, will participate in the XXXI Meeting of the Círculo de Economía, held in Sitges (Barcelona) next 28-29-30 May 2015.
Speakers at Círculo de Economía, top Spanish business think-tank, range from Spanish  Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Luis de Guindos, to Vicepresident of the ECB, Vítor Constâncio  

21 May 2015

II Digital Finance Forum ( )

Past Event

Digital Origin welcomes financial services players from Spain to discuss the challenges of banking in the digital economy. The second edition of the Forum will be held in Madrid in May.
04 Mar 2015

The API Hour: Fintech and API Hackers

Past Event
Marta Plana participará en el evento The API Hour: Fintech y API Hackers el próximo 5 de marzo 2015 en el BBVA Innovation Center, en Madrid, con la conferencia “Hacia una regulación en el sector Fintech”.
25 Feb 2015

ESADE: Round table general council company

Past Event
Marta Plana, socia de Digital Origin, participará este jueves 26 de febrero en ESADE en la mesa redonda: Departamento Jurídico de Empresa.
03 Feb 2015

Actívate by Google

Past Event
Marta Plana, co-fundadora de Digital Origin, asistirá al evento Actívate que tendrá lugar el miércoles, 4 de febrero, a las 13:00 horas en el Salón de Actos de la Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información.
20 Jan 2015

Davos Forum at Madrid

Past Event
Global Shapers organiza junto al Foro Económico Mundial el I Foro de Davos en Madrid. Marta Plana, co-fundadora de Digital Origin, estará presente en varias sesiones, entre ellas, en la de Poder Digital, del jueves 22.
13 Jan 2015

Spain Investors Day 2015

Past Event
En el marco del Spain Investors Day, Marta Plana, co-fundadora de Digital Origin,estará presente en el almuerzo-coloquio que se celebrará el 14 de enero en Madrid con el Ministro de Economía, Luis de Guindos.
19 Nov 2014

Fintech: Financial Sector Innovation

Past Event
Marta Plana, co-fundadora de Digital Origin, intervendrá en la conferencia “Fintech: innovaciones en el sector financiero” en el panel titulado “Créditos online: alternativa a la financiación tradicional”.
29 Oct 2014

I Encounter Digital Finance Forum

Past Event
Digital Origin y Gómez-Acebo y Pombo Abogados impulsan la organización del I Encuentro de Digital Finance, en Barcelona, con el objetivo de crear una red y foro de debate alrededor de la banca del futuro y fomentar y establecer sinergias entre los actores implicados en este innovador sector.
17 Sep 2014

Next Bank Europe

Past Event
Rolf Cederström, CEO de Digital Origin, participará en el panel titulado “Fintech Power shifts: Online and Crowd-lending” el viernes 19 de septiembre, de 10.25 a 11.10.
08 Sep 2014

Meeting Google Council about "Derecho al Olvido"

Past Event
Se trata de la primera reunión pública que celebra el Consejo Asesor de Google sobre Derecho al Olvido y en ella estarán presentes varios expertos del sector.
25 Jun 2014

Impulsa Forum 2014

Past Event
IMPULSA es un proceso que la Fundación Príncipe de Girona inició en el 2010 con el objetivo de descubrir y proponer las condiciones educativas, tecnológicas, económicas, políticas y sociales.
16 Jun 2014

XX IT Meeting, Digital Media and Digital Society

Past Event
The growth of the information and communications (ICT) sector and ongoing emergence of new technologies and solutions have led to a paradigm shift in the way we communicate.
04 Jun 2014

Biz Barcelona 2014

Past Event
Marta Plana expondrá las 10 claves para emprender y generar modelos de negocio de éxito en la edición 2014 de Biz Barcelona.
20 Feb 2014

II Virtual Advocacy Day

Past Event
El pasado 21 de febrero tuvo lugar la segunda Jornada de Abogacía Virtual organizada por la UOC y patrocinada por +MoreThanLaw


Technology entrepreneur and early stage investor with more than 30 years experience building technology and media companies. An early pioneer of the Minitel technology in France, he founded JetMultimedia (listed on the Paris Stock Exchange) and is an investor in Digital Origin (Spain), Getfinancing (USA) and Flumotion (Spain).
Rolf Cederstrom

More than 15 years of experience in finance and technology. He has worked at IBM, Ericsson AB, Goldman Sachs & Co and Ardent Advisors and has an MBA from MIT and an MSc in Physics from the Lund Institute of Technology.
Sake Bosch
Investor Director

Sake is a founder and Managing Partner of Prime Ventures, one of Europe's most successful venture capital firms. He has an MSc in Business Administration as well as a BA degree in management science and industrial engineering and serves on the board of directors of numerous technology companies.
Marta Plana
General Counsel

Marta has more than 15 years experience in regulation and technology. She was Commissioner for the Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones, the Spanish telecommunication regulator, and has worked at Mackenzie, Microsoft Corp. and Osborne Clarke. Marta has a law degree at the University of Barcelona and Juris Doctor with honors at Nova Southeastern University.
Mar Bezanilla
Chief Operating Officer

Mar has over 10 years of experience developing risk models within the main financial institutions in Spain. She holds an EMBA from IESE, a Financial Risk Manager certification and a degree in Mathematics from the UC.
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